Having served the Newbury NY home owners in their home remodeling projects for over 35 years, we realize that for most of our clients, it is the first time they are remodeling their home. Over these years, we have done every form of project imaginable from room additions to new home construction. We have also done the occasional masonry or carpentry job for home owners in the community and over the years we have learnt from other peoples mistakes.

Here are some of the common ones that home owners make when taking on a home remodeling project:

1. Forgetting to design the project first
Getting a home improvement project started is both daunting and exciting at the same time. But basic design flaws can make a dream project into a nightmare. From simple things like taking accurate and complete measurements to building the right size of room addition or doorways to designing the right lighting be it indoor lamps or accounting for natural sunlight. There are many things that need to be planned and executed perfectly and it all starts with a well thought out and complete design.

2. Letting the Do-It-Yourselfer in you take over
We have often been called into projects that were started and stalled by an overzealous Do-it-Yourselfer. Yes, those home depot ads are catchy but remember they are designed to make you buy materials. And if you design and get stuck, they can “help” you by selling you more materials. If you dont have the training, the necessary skills and apprenticeship expereince under a highly experienced professional, dont do it.

Now, we love building and have done that all our lives so we understand the passion and satisfaction of taking a project all the way from start to finish. But we will also tell you it isn’t easy. Its an art that is perfected with many years of practice and over 1000s of projects.
If you are a D-I-Yer because you want to save costs on a home remodeling project, you will most likely end up spending more and get less. If its for the passion, then you are better off teaming up with someone like us who can take your vision and convert it into reality.

3. Not going through the right channels and getting the required permits.
Municipal codes for any home renovation project are like traffic laws. You cannot claim ignorance of the law as a defense against the violation. Further, these laws and regulations were put in place for a purpose. They are designed to make your construction project safer for you and for your community. The building inspectors and plan reviewers are not your enemies. Its not a nuisance but an extra set of eyes and oversight making sure you don’t end up building something you might regret.

Its also something you cannot easily avoid. When a home improvement project is underway, your neighbors will know and they might check with the city to ensure proper permits have been issued. Reputable contractors will not work on projects that are not properly permitted because they risk losing their license. A project that has all the right permits and is built by a reputable contractor adds to the future value of your home and gives you the peace of mind knowing you have done it right.

So these are the most common mistakes home owners make in their home improvement projects. Getting a well thought out design, working with trained professionals and obtaining proper permits through the right channels are some important things to get right when undertaking a home improvement project.

About Mighty Built Construction Company

Mighty Built Construction Company has been in business for over 35 years helping families and businesses in and around Newburgh NY with their building needs. No matter what we build, you can be assured that it will be built to last.We are New York State Certified in Building Codes and Licensed in the State of New Jersey.
From home remodeling, room additions, kitchen and bathroom renovations and everything in between such as custom carpentry, masonry, porches and decks, we are there for you! We build your dreams into reality.
The creation of our name Mighty Built came from many years of high rise commercial construction and bringing that commercial knowledge into the residential building trade. “Overbuilding” which makes any home, additions, renovations, Mighty Built.