Top 3 things home owners in Newburgh should look into but don’t before undertaking a new room addition project

Adding a room to your home in Newbugh NY is no easy task. There is the obvious, the design, the location and size and how it changes the overall look of the house, the roofing, and then the not so obvious like the plumbing, electrical wiring, the insulation. There is plenty that can go wrong. Hiring an experienced general contractor is a start but more than that, checking into their experience is just as important.

At Mighty Built Construction Company, we have undertaken all forms and sizes of room additions and home remodeling projects for over 35 years. We have also done large projects where we have build entire houses and apartment complexes from scratch. The perspective we bring to projects we undertake is unique and that provides an exceptional value and perspective when evaluating your room additions project. It is important to know where we are coming from when we offer the following points for room addition projects.

If you live within 100 miles of Newburgh you can always call us to review your specific situation and we will be happy to give you a free estimate on your project.

1. Unclear plans and specifications

Its not exciting to take care of every little detail but someone has to do it. The materials you want, how you want the installed and what the final project will look like. Specify every aspect of the home addiiton that you can think of. One of the things we at Mighty Built do is partner with our clients and ask these questions upfront so there are no surprises. The final product will look how you specified it and how you wanted it when you signed off on the project.

2. Cost overruns

Here again, experience in building room additions in Newburgh NY matters. There are so many costs that can vary during the course of a project. Home owners should take into account these things but usually dont. Cost overruns can come because of ommissions, wrong assumptions, inadequate allowances, price changes, concealed conditions, design errors or design changes. Working with Mighty Built, you will have the confidence that you are working with a team that has done this many times over. Call us if you have your room addition design all thought through and would like us to sit down, understand your vision for a new room addition and give you a free estimate.

3. It takes a team

You probably know that you need to work with a General Contractor who can put this all together but the range of skills of people needed varies. For instance, you need to get building permit, pour a foundation, install a roof, get the plumbing right, get the right electrical connections, have the right paint, flooring materials and installation.
At Mighty Built Construction Company, we take pride in getting the job done right, on time and within buget. Our 35+ years experience in your neighborhood means that we know the right people for the job. Over the years we have worked on every kind of home improvement project out there and worked with a range of tradesmen. We know who does the job the best and given our experience doing this can get the job done right at the best price for your design requirements. Call us today for a free estimate.