The masonry work is one of Mighty Built’s specialties. The owner is a mason by trade who loves working as one and gets true satisfaction from it. At Mighty Built, masonry is a work of art.

As a trade, Masonry is one of the oldest construction professions in the world with masons helping build some of the most revered structures in history.

At Mighty Built we have completed hundreds of masonry projects throughout the years. We have completed projects that needed brick masonry and stone masonry. While it may seem simple to lay bricks, it requires much skill to lay brick in a way that results in a stable structure that will last you many years to come. In stone masonry, selecting the stone that will go well with your existing house architecture is a starting point. Other tasks we undertake involve measuring and cutting stone, setting stoen into a patterns and using mortar or grout to set the stones into place. A lot of planning is required to guarantee that the project is completed with accuracy.

Beyond brick and stone, we have also completed successful projects in laying foundations, custom stamp concrete work and tile projects.

We bring a passion for masonry and our 30 years of experience to each job we undertake. You can be confident that your project will get the attention and care it deserves

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