Mighty Built Construction – Room Additions

Mighty Built Construction – Room Additions

Room addition is unique and convenient method to amplify the visual look, functionality, and value of a house. We at Mighty Built Construction have been adding space to homes from last 30 years, providing the highest value for your money.
Your home may be just the way you want it to be, but you may want more space to meet the needs of your growing family. Maybe, you are going to welcome a new family member or its time for a new master bedroom or you are planning to build a special room for your kids. There are many reasons to consider room additions services.
An interior transformation, repositioning of the interior walls and addition of new sections can result in spacious and functional layout for every section of the house including bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and more. If the current options are not working for you, we have expertise in additions and renovations. If you want your room addition to complement your house while adding space as per your expectations, contact us today for a free custom quote for room addition services.

Types of room additions

Second or third story addition – We have expertise in constructing and designing additional stores for a house. Often, adding a room is not enough and people think about a new story of rooms. However, an additional floor can create stress on the foundation and footing and therefore some additional reinforcements are needed and permits must be obtained. We at Mighty Built Construction have been working with Permit procedures at the Orange County New York and take good care of local codes and start the work only after proper foundation work.

Bedroom/ master suites/family room addition – In order to satisfy needs of a growing family and kids, many of our clients love to add an additional/renovation bedroom, master suite, elbow room etc. Adding a new room requires important design factors to give it a royal look. Perhaps it includes some extra expense, especially when you need an attached bathroom. Depending on your specific needs, we can install fixtures including shower, spa tub, sinks and more. We work with professionally trained plumbers who do the work efficiently.

Bathroom Addition – It is a worthy investment you can make to increase the re-sale value of a house. Before going ahead for a bathroom addition, we inspect the existing plan and structure along with condition of underground utilities and drainage easements, etc. The location of these entities could impact the cost. Depending on the existing look of your house and your special needs, we can help design and build a contemporary bathroom for you.

Kitchen Addition – Whether you want to keep the existing layout or would like to start from scratch, we are here to implement your ideas for an ideal kitchen. Our kitchen addition service includes plumbing installation, cabinet installation, lighting installation and cabinet installation and more. Our service gives you virtually endless choices for redoing the kitchen.

Why us?

• Free custom price quote
• All Work Guaranteed
• Fully insured
• 30+ years of domain experience
• Reasonable prices

Do you have any questions about room addition services? Call us to discuss your room addition project. We look forward to hearing from you!