Building that new home can be a major undertaking that can also be one of the most satisfying experiences. A custom built home that is unique in its design and personal in its character. To have it shape up the way you dreamt it would be is the kind of projects that Mighty Built has a proven track record in.

With over 30 years experience in having built custom homes in Poughkeepsie and Newburgh NY, Mighty Built Construction Company is uniquely qualified to undertake your new home construction project. You can benefit from our many years of successful project completion experience to be assured that your project will be done right and to your exacting standards.

The way we accomplish that is through diligent planning and great attention to detail. We listen carefully to your requirements in your new home construction project. We look at rough sketches you may have drawn or examples or sketches you may have taken. In some situations clients have their designs completed through their architects and that is fine too.

We prepare detailed estimates based on the design, the specifications and the materials you want us to use. Meeting your budgets requires our understanding of what you want and what you need and the difference between the two. The size of the project like number of bedrooms, basement, and bathrooms determine the labor it will take and the materials you decide to use will determine the materials costs. We listen and understand first and will offer creative ideas that will get your project within your budgeted costs. Getting that detailed design on paper is the best way to ensure that your idea of what you want in your new home becomes reality within the timeline and budget you are working with.

From that point on, we follow the rigorous processes and guidelines we have developed over our 30 years experience. We would be happy to walk you through that and also examples of the work we have done for 100s of other satisfied clients in the Newburgh NY area.

Call us today at (845) 562-8588 to get your dream new home construction project started. If you get our answering service, please leave us a message with the best time to get back to you and we will return your call within 24 hours. We will be happy to understand your requirements, your budget and quote you a free estimate on your project.